Hikikomori Therapy

Hikikomori is a treatable disorder

I call the treatment method “hikikomori therapy,” which is a synthesis of trauma, attachment, and ego state therapies. The goal is liberating the client’s true self from inner confinement.

The success of hikikomori therapy depends on two factors:

  • Restoration of the original self, who was detached from his or her mother at an early age.
  • Liberation of the original self from the demands, needs, and control of the internalized mother’s image.

In reality, some clients recover from hikikomori, and others don’t. Treatment fails when a therapist cannot recover a client’s true self, who disconnected from his/her mother during early childhood.

A hikikomori recovers when he or she liberates the original self, who is the source of love, trust, attachment, emotions, and decision-making.